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DePIN Tokens Surge Amidst Crypto Stagnation

In a contrasting scene where Bitcoin and Ethereum showed minimal movement, two tokens linked to decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN), specifically Akash Network (AKT) and Zebec Network (ZBC), have recorded significant gains. Over the past day, AKT surged by 52.4% to trade at $6.29, while ZBC increased by 38.5% to reach $0.03473.

This surge comes at a time when Bitcoin maintains a steady price above $66,000, and Ethereum slightly drops below the $3,200 mark. The rise in AKT and ZBC highlights the growing interest in DePIN, a sector that utilizes blockchain technology to manage networks of physical assets such as sensors and energy grids. This approach not only alleviates the costs and risks associated with centralized cloud computing but also enables individuals to monetize underutilized hardware.

Adding to the momentum, South Korea’s largest crypto exchange, UpBit, announced today its support for AKT deposits and withdrawals. Launched in October 2020, AKT serves as the primary currency for leasing resources within Akash Network’s decentralized framework and is vital for network security through staking.

Moreover, the recent integration of the DePIN project with Llama 3, Meta AI’s latest open-source model, offers users free and permissionless access to advanced AI tools, enhancing its appeal.

Zebec Network’s growth, however, seems driven by the crypto community’s enthusiasm rather than new exchange listings or technological enhancements. The introduction of the Zebec Instant Card, which allows the expenditure of meme coins through a Visa card, taps into the ongoing craze around such digital assets, despite their notorious volatility.

Further cementing its position in the market, Zebec announced its integration into the Circle ecosystem, enabling seamless real-world applications of USDC for payments and payroll. Just last week, Zebec reported that its services now handle $37 million in payroll transactions for over 10,000 employees monthly, indicating robust adoption and operational expansion.

While the broader crypto market may display tepid movements, the robust performance of DePIN tokens like AKT and ZBC underscores the sector’s dynamic potential. With technological advancements and strategic integrations, these platforms are not only revolutionizing how physical infrastructures are managed but are also reshaping the landscape of digital currency utility.

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