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Massive Token Unlocks Loom Over Crypto Market

Over 40 cryptocurrency protocols are poised to release more than $740 million worth of previously frozen tokens in the next 30 days, signaling a potentially significant impact on the market. According to the vesting analytics platform Token Unlocks, a variety of cryptocurrencies are scheduled for these substantial token releases. At the forefront of this wave […]

DJT Meme Coin Surges Amid Unsubstantiated Trump Rumors

A recent surge in trading activity and a significant price spike have been observed in a month-old DJT meme coin on the Solana blockchain. This flurry of activity was triggered by Crypto Twitter’s reaction to unsubstantiated rumors that former U.S. president Donald Trump is planning to launch an official token by the same name. The […]

Trump’s Crypto Campaign Attracts Scammers

Last month, former president Donald Trump, a convicted felon, announced that his campaign would begin accepting donations in cryptocurrency. This decision has inadvertently opened a floodgate for cybercrime, with numerous scam websites popping up to exploit Trump supporters, according to an exclusive report by Netcraft shared with WIRED. In the lead-up to Trump’s announcement, scammers […]

U.S.-Listed Bitcoin Miners Hit Record Market Cap

U.S.-listed bitcoin mining companies have achieved a record market capitalization of $22.8 billion as of June 15, as highlighted by JPMorgan analysts. In a recent report to clients, analysts Reginald Smith and Charles Pearce noted that the 14 U.S. listed stocks experienced significant rallies in the first half of June, with Core Scientific, TeraWulf, and […]

Congressman Ro Khanna to Host Major Blockchain Meeting in DC

California Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna is poised to spearhead a pivotal discussion on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation within the United States. A private email from Khanna’s office, which was disclosed by Bitcoin Magazine, reveals plans for a significant meeting set to take place in Washington DC in early July. The gathering is […]

Coolpad Ventures into Bitcoin Mining with $13.5 Million Investment

Coolpad Group, a prominent Chinese telecommunications provider based in Shenzhen and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, has announced a significant investment in Bitcoin mining. According to a recent filing, the company has allocated approximately $13.5 million for the purchase of Bitcoin mining rigs, marking a substantial pivot towards cryptocurrency within its business model. […]

Crypto ETF Expansion: A Mix of Greed and Opportunity

According to Tether and WAX co-founder William Quigley, the momentum behind cryptocurrency ETFs in the United States is set to accelerate, spurred by Wall Street’s insatiable greed for new, profitable products. Following the approvals of spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, Quigley forecasts a rapid proliferation of similar products for other major cryptocurrencies like Solana and […]

Riot Platforms Increases Stake in Bitfarms Despite Rejected Takeover Bid

Riot Platforms, a major player in the Bitcoin mining industry, persists in acquiring shares of Bitfarms even after its initial takeover bid was turned down. Toronto-based Bitfarms labeled Riot’s April offer, which valued the company’s shares at $2.30 each, as undervaluing the company. This rejection came despite Bitfarms’ share price standing at $2.81 just before […]