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Mission Statement

Dive into the Future with Bullish Times Your Premier Source for Cryptocurrency, NFT, and Web 3 Tech News! 

At Bullish Times our mission is clear. To provide our readers with the most technically accurate and up to date news available in the crypto sector. Enabling you to make informed decisions and stay current with updates. Helping you to make the right decisions at the right time. 

The founding partners are active cryptophiles, traders and community managers. Dedicated full time to working in the crypto industry. NFT art and projects are core to the founders knowledge and passions. They are both avid collectors of digital art, with a focus on the politically motivated. As well as cutting edge NFT based  projects, including the inexorable transfer of traditional financial instruments and assets to the blockchain.

Feedback via article comments are encouraged. We know our community of readers is what makes us a success. For further information, sales and collaboration details please contact us on Alternatively Whatsapp using the numbers in the footer.