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Notcoin’s Charitable Surge Pre-Token Launch

In a remarkable display of generosity, Notcoin users donated a significant portion of their in-game coins to Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, just before the official launch of the NOT token. This collective act involved over half a million players from the viral Telegram-based clicker game, culminating in a donation that now values millions of dollars. The enthusiasm around Notcoin was palpable as it prepared to introduce its new gaming token.

The donation occurred in February when more than 552,000 Notcoin enthusiasts contributed a share of their in-game coins to Durov. This gesture was orchestrated by the Notcoin team, known as Open Builders, to express gratitude towards Durov for providing a platform through Telegram that supports their crypto game.

As a result of this massive donation, Durov acquired over 1.03 billion NOT tokens, which represents just over 1% of the total Notcoin supply available on The Open Network (TON). At the time of writing, the value of these tokens stands at approximately $7.3 million, though it was slightly lower at $6.8 million when Durov acknowledged the gift on Telegram.

Despite his vast wealth, with Forbes estimating his fortune at $15.5 billion, Durov has expressed no immediate plans to convert his tokens into cash. Instead, he’s poised to hold onto his NOT tokens until they potentially increase by 100 times in value, aiming to reinvest the proceeds into enhancing Telegram’s infrastructure. “I will hold these coins until they turn to $680 million, at which point I will use them to buy more servers for Telegram,” Durov stated, showcasing his long-term vision for using these funds to bolster his platform.

The launch of Notcoin has been a significant event in the gaming and cryptocurrency sectors this year, debuting with a market capitalization of nearly $1.5 billion. Despite the inherent volatility often associated with new cryptocurrencies, which saw NOT’s value halve to just above $0.007, the currency still holds considerable worth. Currently, NOT ranks as the 101st most valuable cryptocurrency with a market cap of $746 million and achieved over $1 billion in trading volume within the first 24 hours post-launch.

In preparation for this rollout, Notcoin temporarily paused its coin-tapping gameplay in April, setting the stage for a relaunch that aims to expand its offerings. This strategic move is part of a broader ambition to transform Notcoin into a platform resembling the “Netflix of social, viral games,” according to co-creator Sasha Plotvinov. This initiative signifies Notcoin’s commitment to becoming a central hub for an array of engaging online games, promising a future rich with potential and innovation.

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